Frequently Asked Questions For Agents

Please see some frequently asked questions about Keasy and how to set up your profile.

Sign up today in three easy steps:

  1. Create your free profile – Sign up to create your Keasy agent profile and customize it with your unique professional achievements (awards, certifications, education etc.) to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Your Keasy profile is a helpful tool to boost your online presence and increase your business.
  2. Sign our referral agreement – Sign the Keasy referral agreement as part of your sign-up process and only pay a fee when a referral closes. There are no upfront fees required! 
  3. Keep your transaction history updated – Make sure to continually update your profile to keep us apprised of all of your accomplishments! We recommend logging in at least once a month to update us on your progress. Our team evaluates your performance as a top agent based on your transaction history.

Looking for more advice? See below for additional details.

Keasy’s unique algorithm matches buyers and sellers across Canada with agents on our platform. To maximize your chances of receiving Keasy referrals, you will need to ensure that your past 1-3 years of transaction history is uploaded to our Agent Platform and verified by our Agent Support team.

Uploading Instructions:

You can add each of your transactions individually through the transaction tool on our agent portal.

Important Notes:  Please upload residential sales transactions only. Do not add rental, commercial, or land transactions to your profile.

Uploading Transactions 

To add a single transaction to Keasy, click the blue “Add Transaction” button.

Simply fill out the form with the required information, then provide a link to your verification source or upload a verification file.

Next Steps

If there are any problems with the transaction data you provided then you will receive a response from our support team with further instructions. Otherwise, your profile will be approved and ready to match with qualified clients. Every time you add new verified transactions, they will be immediately added to our referral matching algorithm. 

To become a Keasy partner you must sign and upload the referral agreement which can be found in your profile here. Our referral agreement includes standard terms and provisions which define your relationship with Keasy.

Please read the agreement carefully. If you have any questions, let us know at

A persuasive profile will set you apart from the rest of the competition and help buyers and sellers know why they should choose YOU to be their agent.

We use all the information in your profile as inputs into our matching algorithm to determine what agents are the best fit for our buyer and seller clients.  

Once you are logged in, you will see a side banner with sections for Profile, Transaction History, Keasy Agreement and Keasy Certifications.  Each section is clickable to navigate you through these steps. Please ensure you fill out each section to maximize the chance that you match with buyers and sellers.  

Confirm Your Contact Info

Confirming your contact information ensures that your Keasy client referrals are sent to the right phone number and email address. Please check that your phone number and email address are both properly entered and complete the remaining fields to provide us with any additional contact information. 

Upload a Profile Picture

Select a recent professional photo that is well-lit and clear. The max file upload size is 3MB. 

Add Your Area of Focus / Location Preference

Your Area of Focus will help us ensure you receive referrals for the areas that you work in. Fill out the province and select from at least one city, neighbourhood/community or municipality code to let us know where you typically buy/sell the most properties. You are not required to fill out each section and may only enter a municipality code (i.e. Toronto E01) or specify further with a Community (I.e. Greenwood-Coxwell). Please note that you must first have signed your referral agreement before our algorithm begins matching you with buyers and sellers.  

Add A Brief Bio 

Your agent bio should briefly highlight your career, your experience and accomplishments. Write a one sentence ‘elevator pitch’ that highlights why potential clients should choose YOU as their real estate agent. Separately, elaborate a bit more in the “About Me” section to ensure you don’t miss any details.

Personal Q&A

When clients use Keasy, they receive a custom agent profile so they can learn more about you. The questions listed here help to differentiate you and build a strong connection from the beginning. These questions are different than the elevator pitch and bio sections you filled out previously. 

Fill out what sets you apart from other agents as well as how you like to spend your time when you’re not working. For the fun facts question, connect with your clients by adding your hobbies and interests (i.e. do you enjoy activities like sports, painting, spending time outside, reading or dancing?) Tell us something extraordinary you’ve accomplished or done (i.e. charity work, appeared on TV or travelled the world). 

Add Client Reviews 

Reviews play an integral role in consumer decision making. Since buying or selling real estate is one of the biggest financial decisions a person can make, great reviews from previous clients will go a long way towards leaving the right first impression with potential buyers and sellers that use Keasy.

Client reviews can be added here using the blue button “+ Add Review.”

Add Your Commission Packages 

Tell us briefly about the different commission packages you offer clients. Whether you offer the typical commission rates for your province, offer low commission packages (i.e. 1%) or larger commission packages inclusive of additional services such as staging or moving then we want to know! Some buyers and sellers have specific requirements when looking for the best real estate agent. This will help ensure any referral matches with your expectations and service offerings.

Get Keasy SafeKey Certified 

Keasy is committed to the safety of real estate agents and clients in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. To protect our clients most valuable assets, we introduced the SafeKey Certification Program in 2020. This short Q&A will help us identify the technology, and practices you’re using to determine whether you qualify for our SafeKey Certification.

Get started by filling out the certification questionnaire. Our team will review once you complete it and let you know if you are eligible to receive the certification. The Certification will be displayed on your Keasy profile, giving buyers and sellers confidence in your commitment to safety.